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The Passport for your vehicle

The international customs document Carnet de Passages permits the temporarily duty-free importation of road vehicles into certain countries of Middle East (Iran…), Asia, Africa, South America, to Australia and New Zealand. It entitles a person to take several trips with the same vehicle and is usually issued with one-year validity.
The Carnet de Passages is a guarantee for a foreign country that the vehicle will be re-exported within the time limit of duty-free importation and if the vehicle cannot be re-exported (e.g. total loss, theft), that all duties and taxes will be paid.
The basis for the issue of the Carnet de Passages is International Customs Conventions. Carnets de Passages are issued by the federation: AIT/ FIA (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme/ Federation Internationale de l’Automobile).
The Carnet de Passages is an official document and the property of the issuing club ADAC. The holder should keep it as carefully as personal identification documents and credit cards. The Carnet de Passages cannot be transferred to another person or another vehicle. When filling an application please note that the data entered have to be identical with the vehicle papers. Incorrect and incomplete data cause difficulties at the borders.
During the validity of the Carnet de Passages, the vehicle may only be used by the document holder. The document holder is liable for consequences resulting from the loss and misuse by unauthorized third parties. In any case, the Carnet de Passages has to be returned to ADAC after the expiry date.


Is a document that allows you to cross international borders with a vehicle and avoid paying customs charges. It is basically a promise that you will take the vehicle out of the country when you leave, or risk hefty penalties. The carnet lists comprehensive details on your vehicle and its value and can be obtained from the local automobile club in your country. Often a bank deposit is also needed.

CAA  in North America
RAC  in the UK
ADAC in Germany
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