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Kish is a small island but it has numerous tourist attractions.Kish (Persian: کیش‎ (Kīsh) is a 91.5-square-kilometre (35.3 sq mi) resort island in the Persian Gulf off the southern coast of Iran.

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It is part of the Bandar Lengeh County in Hormozgān Province of Iran. Owing to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer’s paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and resort hotels. It has an estimated population of 26,000 residents and about 1 million people visit the island annually.

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Best Time to Go

Spring, Fall, and Winter

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Kish Underground City (Kariz-e-Kish), cultural tourism complex of the underground city of Kish (Kariz), is one of the island’s attractions and lots of tourists come to visit it each year. Cultural tourism underground city of Kish was built at the junction of three ancient aqueducts (kariz). The three aqueducts are over 2000 years old, and over 15 km long, which is now turned into an astonishing underground city that is more than ten thousand square meters. This cultural tourism complex of Kish hosts over one hundred thousand domestic and foreign tourists each year. Freshwater of Kariz comes from seasonal rainfall of the island that crosses through corals as a natural filter and flows into the layers of marl mud. Marl is a kind of clay mud that is normally soft and flexible and if exposed to air becomes dry and firm. In cultural tourism complex of the underground city of Kish (Kariz), walls are built in front of these valuable clays to protect them. In addition to the treatment usage of marl clay for arthritis, it is used with additional compounds for producing bricks, pottery, and cement in particular.

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The coral roof of Kariz in Kish, with seven meters in diameter, which once was seabed, is replete with shells and aquatics which are now fossilized on the roof of the cultural tourism complex of the underground city of Kish. Tests conducted at the University of Munich, Germany, on the fossils taken from the coral roof of the tunnel show that the roof is between 53 to 570 million years old, which the identification of different types of it is going to be exhibited in the museum of the underground city of Kish (Kariz). The underground city of Kish (Kariz), due to its unique properties such as coral islands, freshwater aqueducts, cool air under the ground, and a coral ceiling full of ancient fossils is placed on the list of the most important structures of the world.

Saturday – Friday: 8:30 – 21:00

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The Ancient Town of Harireh, the ruins of the ancient city of Harireh measure around 120 hectares. This vast area surface tells the tale that a large and prosperous city once existed in this region with a thriving population. What remains of it today is a volume of urban architecture, but rarely will an arch, cover, or ceiling is seen intact, except for a few instances where arched stone ceilings have remained unharmed from the detriments of destruction. The Port of ancient Harireh was a concrete, well-knit city with an extrovert architecture. Here, there are no signs of an introvert, self-defending architecture which can be seen in other historic cities in Iran. Choosing this part of the island to build a city was a most natural and logical choice. Its high cliffs are over ten Metres above sea level, with three capes acting as natural harbors, and a shore relatively calmer than other coastlines along the island, all in all helping to shape the city in its northern coast. To date, three separate archaeological digs have been carried out in the remains of the ancient city of Harireh.

The aristocratic house is a reminder of old extended family homes inside the Iranian plateau and in cities such as Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan. It is considered a model of extended family dwellings alongside the Persian Gulf. Apart from the expense of the house and its varied spaces, star-shaped tiles have been found here which are similar to those orating the important buildings of the Ilkhanate Iran, such as Takht-e Soleiman and Soltanieh. This find, which is certainly important to the island, indicates that the building belonged to one of the rich inhabitants of Kish.

The Mysterious Greek Ship, many years ago, for some unknown reason, a Greek cargo ship got close to Kish’s coasts and was stuck in the mud. Watching the sunset beside this ship is fascinating and interesting. This situation created to rest near the ship is very popular with tourists. In the west of the island, a massive ship has landed in the azure waters on the shores of Kish, which is known as the Greek Ship. On a hot summer’s day, Kish natives saw a massive ship which had run aground near Baqou village with great astonishment. With the passing of years, the reason for the ship running aground remains behind a haze of obscurity. The ship was built by the William Hamilton Company in 1943, weighing 7061 tonnes and measuring 136 metres in length in Glasgow – Scotland. On July 26th, 1966, when returning to Greece form Iran, the ship ran aground at latitude 20º 26′ N and longitude 54º 53′ E. The Dutch tugboat, Orinoko, spent 80 days in vain trying to pull the ship out. Many failed attempts were made to free it, but the passengers were finally forced to abandon shi because it was not financially feasible to move it. Information obtained from Lloyds of London insurance company show that the ship flew a Greek flag and was called Kolaof at the time. The ship’s first name was “The Emperor’s Horn”, then “Naturalist”, and in the years 1959 to one year before its final anchorage, it was owned by the Iranian ship company and was called “Cyrus Fars” and “Hamedan”. Watching the sun set slowly behind the Greek Ship in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf is an unforgettable and lasting memory.

Traditional Water Reservoir is one of the traditional methods of reserving water on Kish Island in ancient times was construction of water reservoirs. A Twin Water Reservoir with five wind catchers in the shape of Yazd city architecture was built within the boundary of Harireh Ancient City near The Aged Banyan (Lour) Tree Park in 1993 for collecting rainwater where an ancient water reservoir was located. This traditional water reservoir lost its main function due to the construction works in Kish which resulted in destruction of rainwater paths with passing time. The unique architecture of this building reminds us of the old days. This attraction is very impressive and worth visiting for locals and foreign tourists.

The Green Tree is at the end of the longest ancient alluvial path in Kish, surface waters run into the north of the island, to a valley known as the Portuguese Valley, making it a particularly green area. The Green Tree Complex is built around one of the island’s oldest pure trees. The greenery of the enclosure, the buildings, wooden parapets, and pavements reminds you the northern parts of Iran. But, one of the factors attracting tourists to this area is the legendary awe of the Green Tree. This is the island’s oldest lure tree and has a life of probably 500-600 years. Thread or material can be seen knotted on the tree branches, making it appear holy at first sight. Some believe this is an auspicious tree, and so the pieces of material to it to make their wishes come true. “The Green Tree Complex”, with its beautiful alcoves and numerous barbecue areas has been renovated for the visitors to rest. The pavements lit with lanterns among the evergreen spaces ornate with colorful bougainvillea flowers, all lure you toward the main attraction of the complex. A prayer room, seasonal restaurant, buffets, and lavatories are also available in this complex. The Green Tree Complex is bordering to two important tourist attractions in Kish and has two entrances. One of them is a common door with the “Harireh ancient city”, and the other is next to the “Traditional water reservoir”. Both places are within walking distance of the Green Tree Complex.

Kolbeh Hoor is a complex to exhibit how to use energies that are used less in this century. In this complex, the saltwater, pulling up from deep underground using wind power, becomes fresh and usable using solar energy. Also, solar water heater and several types of solar ovens are exhibited in this complex. In addition, to visit, these systems are also open to the public. Kolbeh Hoor has been constructed in the west, on the only cape, of the island. The boat aground on the shore of Kolbeh Hoor gives an astonishing view to this area. This boat ran aground about ten years ago, unlike Greek Ship that indicates the flourishing international trade of Kish in the past, is a symbol of work and effort of the island natives in the traditional occupation of fishing. This boat aground is located at a distance of about 200 meters from the shore and by embellishing with night lights shines like a pearl in the waters of the Persian Gulf. In Kolbeh Hoor, an appropriate recreational environment is provided for the welfare of residents and tourists, including pavilions, benches, barbecue and large spotlights.

Kish Mosques, Kish has seven mosques. The Amir Mosque, Khatam -Al-Anbia mosque and Noor mosque are some of the biggest mosques of Kish. Amir mosque is one of the ancient monuments of Kish which has been maintained beautifully by the Cultural Heritage Organization, by preserving the native architectural elements. They have tried to maintenance this mosque situated at the back of Kish free zone office building in the early 1990s. The Khatam- Al- Anbia mosque is one of the magnificent religious monuments east of the beach. It’s high minarets give a very beautiful and spectacular view from the beach. This mosque is situated in Safeyn district and Kish Friday prayers are held there. Noor mosque is one of the biggest mosques attended by Kish natives, with a very special architecture and Friday and Sunni prayers are held in this mosque.

Koohenoor Restaurant

the nicest restaurant in beautiful Kish Island, seating 100 persons. With a coffee shop inside and outside, Koohenoor Restaurant creates illuminated surroundings, like a bright pearl. The unique lighting of this restaurant in the night may be the most memorable night of your trip to beautiful Kish Island.
Our menu is so varied, satisfying everyone’s taste. Koohenoor is the only restaurant on the island with many certificates from all over the world. The restaurant’s buffet with a variety of salads and starters etc. is the fullest and most delicious of the buffets you have ever experienced. Also live music (Piano) creates a pleasant atmosphere for you, whilst having your food.

Royal Star Restaurant

This restaurant offers a variety of Italian and Persian dishes.

Type: Persian
Address: Sadaf Housing complex, Phase 1, Bassak Building, 3rd Floor

Padideh Kish Restaurant

Shandiz Safdari Restaurant

This Persian restaurant offers patrons outdoor seating and live music every night.

Type: Persian
Address: Marjan International Mall, Across from Twin Towers.

Grand Recreational Pier, Kish Grand Recreational Pier was built with steel piling and wooden decks with four side-deck spaces by Iranian experts. This pier is 437 meters long, 18 meters wide and 10 thousand square meters in area. Its construction did not damage the marine habitat. Tourists can enjoy the natural sights from this pier while watching the colorful fish species of Kish coral beaches. The first phase of Kish Grand Recreational Pier was constructed within a short period of 20 months and inaugurated on the 27th of July 2006.


Diving, due to natural environmental situation Kish Island is one the most pristine regions of the Persian Gulf. The coral reefs at the east of the island have made the area one of the richest and most beautiful regions. The most suitable diving sites of the country are also located there. The coral cover of the island is mostly situated on the east shores which are being visited by those who are interested in diving every year. Diving is possible throughout the year and the shallow diving sites of the island are suitable for everyone and even the amateurs. The existence of training and recreating centers of diving in Kish has made the island a major center for diving in Iran.


Horseback Riding Club is one of the sports which not only affects the health, but it also gives the rider peace of mind and relaxation. The Kish Equestrian Club is in the north of the island (next to the Olympic Village). It was established in 1993 for the international Persian Gulf competitions, and its landscaping and stables were finished to acceptable standards by 1995. Presently, the construction of a race-course, part of mange, green space and stands have become necessary to enable the club to host national races. Towards the end of 1997, 40 large races were held for the first time in Iran at the Kish Equestrian Club. The Club now has various breeds of horses, including thoroughbred, and Arab horses. An active veterinary surgery and experienced manpower have made scientific care of horses possible.


Cycling Track is one of the world’s longest bicycle tracks is located in Kish Island. The track is more than 51 kilometers long and surrounds the island. Cycling is an exhilarating sport in Kish, so that public cycling competitions take place on the island every year. There are bike rental stations in different parts of the island. Biking around the island with the family, is an unforgettable memory.

cycling track

Maryam Sportive Bowling Complex is the largest bowling yard in Iran. This complex has the most modern sports and recreation facilities. Bowling yard, billiard room, body building, game world, sauna, internet cafe, restaurant and coffee shop are different parts of this complex. Maryam Sportive Bowling Complex has a 16 digital bowling lane according to international and professional standards and is equipped with Black Light lighting.

Maryam Bowling

Karting Track is the first karting track of the island, with approximately 800 meters length and 7 meters width, is one of the largest tracks in the Middle East. The outdoor track has been constructed according to International Motor Sports Federation’s standards and serves enthusiasts and tourists. The track hosted the first karting tournament championship of the country.


Beach and the recreational coastal complex for women is the only place women can go uncovered on the beach in Kish. It’s a completely separate area where women can relax in swimwear or topless without the intrusion of men. There is a place to buy soft drinks. The water is so clean and blue and beautiful golden sand seaside with marvelous shining sun and you can see little fishes around your foot and enjoy hot water and seabirds a good place to relax and enjoy sun and sea.


Aquacom Cable Ski Park, the world’s largest cable skiing and the first water skiing site in the Middle East, with 860 meters length and 160 meters width, with five towers, is located on the beautiful island of Kish in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. With a speed of 28 to 62 kilometers per hour, it can serve 12 persons simultaneously. Kish Cable Ski is built according to international competition standards and is an appropriate place for holding competitions and training for internal and external teams. This complex includes a full locker and shower facilities, a starting platforms, a training room, and a sports equipment stores for cable skiing, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. This site is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the eastern silver coast of Kish containing hundreds of old Lur trees, coconut trees, etc., and numerous pavilions along the beach, near the big recreational dock and the men’s beach with parking facilities.

Fly board ski

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Jet Ski

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Jayro Kopter

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Shuttle sailing kish

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Dolphin Park Complex, in a big beautiful garden of 70 hectares, where beautiful bougainvillea is wrapped around palm trees, and green plants and colorful flowers present a different nature to the visitors, for the first time in the Middle East, sea mammals and penguins entertain the children and adults alike. More than 20 dolphins, sea lions, sea cats, sea boars, and white whales jump, cruise forward and backward, claps, snore and throw balls in the largest man-made pool on Kish Island. Sea mammals and penguins are not the only amusements of Engineer Hossein Sabet’s Park & Resort Complex. The Bird Zoo, Cactus Garden, Orchid Garden, Silkworm House, Underwater Aquarium, and Erupting Volcano are other amusing sectors of the palm grove of the southeastern tip of Kish Island, which attract thousands daily. The visitors enjoy watching tens of different birds from all over the world, beautiful and rare cactuses and orchids, the metamorphosis of silkworms and cruising of fish in their natural environments during the daytime, and the erupting of an artificial volcano at nights.

Saturday – Friday: 18:00 – 20:30

Bug Dirt track

Bug dirt track with 400 meters length hosts bug riders in Kish Island, with two-seater cars. Also the bug recreational sports tours with professional leaders and a front-engine four-wheel ATV, guide bug riders in the paths of several tourist attractions such as Green Tree, Kolbeh Hur, and Greek Ship.

Safari Kish The sports, recreational and tourism complex of Kish Safari has been formed with the aim of developing tourism and creating a fun and safe environment for all ages, especially young people and tourists of the beautiful island of Kish. The complex is the first organizer of desert safari tours in Iran.
One of the most popular types of safari tours is Desert Tour that is its path and position is in the desert and wilderness. Types of vehicles used for these kinds of tours include two-differential and four-axle vehicles such as Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, etc. and even camel. Hot and dry desert and semi-desert climatic conditions are required for a desert tour. Due to appropriate weather conditions and location for tourism, Kish Island has the potential for holding these types of tours. Recreational features of this complex include an indoor restaurant, an outdoor restaurant and a coffee shop, and also handicrafts exhibition booths that will provide and introduce various regions of Iran


Beach and the recreational coastal complex for men are located in the northeast of the island with an area of about 10,000 square meters. The sandy beach with the silver color of its corals has provided the possibility of marine recreations such as jet skiing, water skiing, parachute, diving and sailing boats at the center of marine recreations area and beach. The beautiful and perfect lighting of this place also makes it possible to use the facilities of this complex during nighttime.
The joy of swimming at the beach is due to the soft sand and its proper temperature on most of the year, as well as the azure clean water in which the aquatics proceed to the beach most of the time. The seabed is visible several meters across the sea and its gradually increasing depth. These all make a memorable and unforgettable swimming experience.
This complex includes facilities and services such as beach for men, three area for beach volleyball, one area for beach football, paddle boating (Canoeing – Turing), outdoor and indoor showers, changing room, massage room, buffet, praying room. In addition, the lifesavers also provide safety and satisfaction for users.


Kish Island Coastlines is covered by coral sand, the coasts of the island gloom in the sunlight make the unique phenomenon in the world. The clear coastal water lets everybody view its depth from the surface. The environment specialists believe that the coral reefs surrounding the island purify the water. That is why it is so pure, clear and beautiful. Despite its largeness, Kish Island has the longest coasts in the world utilized by its natives and tourists. Away from famous islands’ crowd, tourists can relax and enjoy the island’s fantastic natural sights in its calms coasts. Moreover, tourists interested in fishing have the most unforgettable experience in the southern and western coasts of the island. Whatever said about Kish coastlines make them one of the most attractive touristy beaches in the world.

Parks & Gardens

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Baghou village is one of the areas with a traditional environment, located in the southwest of the island within which a number of rancher households live. Fertility of this region is well known among the locals. The variety of old indigenous Lur trees has given a remarkable beauty to this region. One of the interesting monuments of this village is a mosque called Muhammad. The number 881 AH is written on its wall which implies the antiquity of life in this strange village.
In a part of the entrance area of the village, the life of the aboriginal people and the customs of this area has been exhibited using traditional black tents. And tourists visit this village to get acquainted with a traditional cooking method, a condition of keeping water cool under the intense heat of summer, traditions, and customs of the villages in greeting guests and holding traditional customs and marriage celebrations and local bake cooking. There there’s no trace of Kish’s crowded and noisy centers and this village has remained a rather strange and unknown place for visitors of Kish. This village host several visitors of this area every year. Daliran Park with an area of 60 acres has been founded in this village to exploit the natural beauties of the village.

Kish International Airport

 (IATA: KIH, ICAO: OIBK) is an international airport on Kish Island, Iran. It serves as the entry point for the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to Kish Island. The airport grants 14-day visa-free entry foreign citizens who enter from a foreign country under a different scheme from that of mainland Iran.

kishair-EasyGo Iran

Airlines & Destinations

Aria AirBandar Abbas
Ata AirlinesTabriz, Tehran-Mehrabad
Atrak AirMashhad, Tehran-Mehrabad
Caspian AirlinesTehran-Mehrabad
Iran AirIsfahan, Tehran-Imam Khomeini, Tehran-Mehrabad
Iran Air ToursIsfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tehran-Mehrabad
Iran Aseman AirlinesShiraz, Tehran-Mehrabad
Iranian Naft AirlinesAhvaz, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, Mahshahr, Sirri Island
Iraqi AirwaysNajaf
Kish AirAbadan, Abu Dhabi, Abu Musa, Bandar Abbas, Dubai-International, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Muscat, Sari, Shiraz, Tehran-Mehrabad
Mahan AirKerman, Mashhad, Tehran-Mehrabad
Meraj AirlinesIsfahan, Mashhad, Tehran-Mehrabad
Qeshm AirlinesBandar Abbas, Isfahan, Qeshm Island, Shiraz, Tehran-Mehrabad
Taban AirIsfahan, Mashhad, Tehran-Mehrabad
Zagros AirlinesIsfahan, Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen, Arak, Shiraz, Tehran-Mehrabad
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