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Ganjnameh Tourist Village Hamedan

A new experience of a virgin mountain

Ganjnameh cable car will supply you with the experience of an exciting trip in the heart of Alvand Mountains. Noting the high level of safety standards observed in this complex, you will experience this visionary trip by the safest cable car in Iran.

Ganjnameh cable car is an exclusive structure in the western part of the country having a 3360 m. line of departure and a minimum height of 1900 m. and a maximum height of 2800 m. above sea level; its construction process started by the German engineers in 2001 and actually came into operation in 2008. The cable car starts from Ganjnameh and ends in Mishan plain. The period of shuttle lasts 7-15 minutes which depends on the wind speed.

In case the wind speed exceeds 40 km/h, the passenger loading machine stops while alarming and if the passenger is present in the route, the shuttle period will last longer. The cable car has 18 piles the tallest among which is located in Kivarestan valley holding a height of 33 m. and the shortest one is the 18th and last pile holding a height of 4 m.


Serve of a variety of local foods in Tribes tents

Tribes’ black tent with an atmosphere proportionate with local climate together with traditional music, supplier of a variety of local foods and also local dugh in beautiful Mishan plain, drinking a cup of hot tea beside family warm circle in the beautiful perspective of Mishan plain.

Serve of a variety of local foods
performance of traditional music
churning and obtaining local dugh (yogurt drink) and butter by tribes men and women

Fish Spa

Mitra Restaurant

Mountain Sledge

Salt Therapy Restaurant

Mishan Plain

A vast and green plain full of virgin and catchy scenes in the heart of Alvand

Mishan plain, saturated with running waters, vast grasslands and virgin and spectacular sights

Mishan plain or Mishan square is one of vast and beautiful plains of Alvand Mountains and in the route of Alvand peak. It has an area of 1 hectare and is located at 2600 m. elevation above the sea level. The plain is saturated with running waters, vast grasslands and virgin and spectacular sights.

One may use the mountaineering route in the heart of mountains to reach that beautiful and virgin plain over Alvand and/or get to Mishan plain using Ganjnamehs cable car over beautiful foothills and valleys. Tourists and climbers have been supplied with all necessary facilities by Ganjnameh village to pass time in that beautiful plain so that the sportsmen’s bodies are released from tiredness and a sweet memory remains for tourists.

Consolidation of 2 elements of rocks and mountains with depths of sea water

The project design was started in 2011 by a joint group of Iranian and foreign engineers and contractors aiming at the creation of a different setting and for the purpose of more attraction of tourists and preparing a place for research and promotion of the education level and by the consolidation of two different elements, rocks and mountains with depths of sea waters inspired by Alisadr cave.

Some technical particulars of this complex: an area over 800 sq. m. and a variable height of 2.5-15 m. The capacity is 75.000 liters in the main hall and it has 21 aquariums of salty and sweet waters having varying dimensions of 1×1 to 2×2. Possessing the aquarium for the preservation of eagle rays and starfishes also plant aquariums having 2×3 dimensions which is matchless. A complex of best rare environmental and animal samples in the 2nd floor of the cave. The whole route to visit the cave includes three main halls with corridors having artificial fog and rain and related scents and it gives an entirely different atmosphere to the visitor without having knowledge of the next part.

Aquarium Cave

Living for a few hours in the heart of mountains

A memorable stay in the visionary foothills of Alvand

If you intend to make a trip to Hamadan, staying at mountainous villas of Ganjnameh village will undoubtedly be one of your best decisions. No matter in which season of the year, mountainous villas of Ganjnameh village will provide a memorable stay for you in any season and any climate conditions. The overlooking of these villas on the valley of Ganjnameh will bring along a new experience of the beautiful nature with lush trees and running rivers during warm seasons and the quiet downfall of snow in the foothill and the snow-covered trees during cold seasons of the year.  Modern internal design, heating system from the floor, the kitchen equipped with all required facilities, central audio and visual systems and exclusive parking lots are among the facilities available at mountainous villas of Ganjnameh village.

Modern and up-to-date internal design, heating system from the floor, central audio and visual systems and exclusive parking lots

Possessing exclusive reception and parking lot

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Modern internal design

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Heating system from the floor

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Using services of the restaurant and coffee shop with special discount

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